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Privacy Policy

Corporation WCS (following the Company) is recognized as an important social responsibility is possible to adhere to the safety management of information, it has positioned the privacy protection as one of the top priorities in corporate activities.
In addition, established the following personal information protection policy in order to continue to ensure that this practice, officers and employees in accordance with this policy, the proper handling of personal information, we will strive to management.

  1. The Company, without permission, without your consent, we do not collect and use personal information.
    Even in the case of the consent, be used only within the scope of the consent, the personal information, except if it is agreed to provide, it will not be provided to third parties.
  2. Company and unauthorized access to personal information held, loss of personal information, destruction, alteration, and to take measures of prevention and correction of the leak.
    Personal information management to safely and accurately, unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, to the problem of leakage, etc., management of ID · password, thorough storage, management, and disposal rules of personal information, construction of firewalls, monitoring of access log, access restrictions and management of the server, and that the practice of such foreign person of the entry and exit management, and strive to its prevention.
  3. Laws and regulations related to personal information, we are working in compliance with internal regulations.
    Upon carrying out the business of handling personal information, the Company will strive to practice the behavior that conforms to internal penalties as well as compliance with the "compliance program relating to personal information protection requirements (JIS Q 15001)".
  4. In accordance with the trend of the times in the future, a review of "compliance program" to develop in-house, we will make improvements at any time.
    Established internal compliance program (practice compliance plan) for the protection of personal information, officers and employees, in addition to well-known, thorough relations staff, which regularly review, in accordance with the age of the trend, the personal information management personnel as the center, and strive to its improvement.
  5. We conduct regular audits.
    For the practice situation of more than (1) (2) (3) (4), conducts regular audits, perform the correction of problems.

Use business of personal information in the Company

We will handle personal information in a business such as the following.

  • Collection business of personal information in the application, etc.
  • Response operations of contact, dispatch, etc. to the applicant

Inquiries about personal information protection

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Protection of information on other sites

The Company does not assume any responsibility for the protection of such customers' personal information in other web sites that are linked to our web page.

March 1, 2014 enacted
Corporation WCS representative director Tokumaru Oguri