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Aokiji Cosplay

January 10 at 06:04PM

Xerxes Cosplay
Here is my God King Xerxes Cosplay! Check more of my work on : - -

Initial DXerxes(Waiting for approval)

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Roger Mohr

XERXES - the one and only

January 11 at 07:41AM

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Valériane Benton

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 11 at 12:09AM

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Aokiji Cosplay

Yes I was :) And I still remember you and follow you <3

January 10 at 07:10PM

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Hey <3 Are you the guy from Japan Expo, when I was King Joffrey and we meet in 2014? It is great to see your pictures here too <3

January 10 at 06:38PM