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Rafa Umali

November 28 at 10:20PM

Arthur Pendragon
Saber's True Name is Arthur Pendragon (アーサー・ペンドラゴン), otherwise known better as King Arthur. Approving of the virtuous and correcting atrocities. A hero who is like a knight in shining armor that anyone would dream about as a child. Also called the wielder of the holy sword of the planet. His true identity is that of the “King of Knights” of a parallel universe, who reached this world by chasing after some sort of existence.[1] A completely identical, and yet different person than Heroic Spirit Artoria Pendragon, possessing the same past and legend as her. (c) NekoJem Photography/ Jeremiah Dinosauwwr

Fate/Grand OrderArthur Pendragon (Prototype)