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Cosplayers.Global [FAQ]

  • Registration, withdrawal

    • Is underaged able to register?
      Yes. You can register. However, in the case of a underage, it is necessary to obtain consent from the parental guardian in advance for registration on this site.
    • Is there age restriction for registry?
      Those under 12 years old can not register.
    • I forgot my password.
      We will send you a password reset email to registered email address. → Password reminder
    • The user types that can be selected are "Cosplayer", "Cameraman", "Stylist", "Event", but are there any differences in the functions available depending on what you choose?
      No. No matter which user type you select, there is no difference in the functions that can be used.
    • Can I register with a name other than personal name?
      Yes. You may register with company name, organization name, service name etc.
    • Can I create multiple accounts?
      Personal use is 1 account per person. Please refrain from creating multiple accounts. Regarding the use for group (team), circle, company, service name, you may create a separate account in addition to personal use.
    • Where can I withdraw from?
      Please click the following link to proceed with deactivating your account→Deactivate
    • I changed my phone, how can I take over the data before the model change?
      All data active within this site is not stored in the terminal you use and is stored on our server on the internet. By using the e-mail address and password you used before, you can log in from the terminal after the change of your phone, you can use the existing data as it is.
  • SNS functions

    • What happens when I follow other members?
      Newly uploaded photos from the members you followed will be displayed on my page after logging in.
    • What is the checkmark icon next to the member name?
      It is a trust mark to grant this account to the confirmed account that it is ""the official account of the principal"".
    • How can I get a trustmark? I want it too.
      We're sorry but we are currently not accepting trustmarks in response to individual requests from members.
    • How do you use the mute button?
      If you mute other users, the posted images for that user will no longer be displayed on your timeline, and notifications from that user will not be displayed.
    • What happens when you register a character as a favorite?
      A flag to inform you their birthdays will be on my calendar. * Some character's birthdays may not be displayed for those birthday information is not registered.
    • How many characters can I register for my favorite character?
      There is no particular limitation. Any number of people can be registered.
    • I'd like to have ""Notification"" when I'm followed and commented on.
      I'm sorry but there is no notification function at the moment. It is planned to be implemented in the future.
  • Posting Photos

    • Are there any limitations on the number of photos and capacity for posting photos?
      No. There is no limit on the number of photos and the capacity that can be posted.
    • Please tell me the file format that can be posted.
      Only JPG and PNG files can be posted.
    • Can I post pictures that does not have the submitter in it?
      Yes. If it is a photograph that you have obtained permission to post from the subject, you can also post photos other than yourself.
    • Can I post pictures other than cosplay?
      On this site, only cosplay photos can be posted. Posting of daily photographs etc. other than cosplay will be prohibited. * Please check prohibited photos from here.
    • I wish to request for deletion of copyrighted pictures because they are published without permission.
      Please report from the report link on the photo details page. We will show you the formal application method from the administration office.
    • I want you to delete photos as my subjects are posted without permission.
      Please report from the report link on the photo details page. We will show you the formal application method from the administration office.
    • Are there any posting restrictions on exposure and violent expression?

      When submitting a photograph that falls under the following, please limit the viewing restriction from the photograph submission page.

      • Representation and exposure of sexual organs and other high exposure.
      • Anything related to sex or expressing / imitating / representing gender connections / junctions, or those that recall sex acts
      • Violent scenes, ideas, imitative expressions highly dangerous or highly stimulative

      Regarding photographs judged by the administrative office that browse restrictions are not attached despite the above, we may restrict browsing at the discretion of the administrative office.

    • What are the photos prohibited from posting

      Uploading photos corresponding to the following is prohibited. Please acknowledge that applicable photographs may be deleted without prior notice at the discretion of the management office.

      1. Pictures not related to cosplay, such as illustrations, animals, still life objects (excluding own cosplay props and costumes), landscapes, ready-made goods alone
      2. From both the copyright holder and the subject (for photographs of more than one person, permission from all members is required), photographs that are not permitted to be posted on this site
      3. Pictures judged by the administrative office as damaging the reliability and consistency of the data, such as the work name or character name being set incorrectly
      4. Exposure of the isola, expression and exposure of genitals. Pictures including use of sex toys (so-called adult toys)
      5. Photographs including expression of body fluid (including simulated) and excretion
      6. Photographs including harsh / grotesque expressions such as large amounts of blood glues and organs

      * ④ ⑤ ⑥ is restricted regardless of hiding process or unprocessed.

  • Others

    • If I find a problem, where should I report to?
      You can contact us from the inquiry mail form, administrators will check and act on if theres any necessities.
    • I would like to advertise on Cosplayers.Global
      Cosplayers' Global is looking for advertisers. If you contact us from the inquiry page about advertisement publication, we will guide you.