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A worldwide Cosplay network available in all languages.
Communication magnified!

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Ranking feature

The world notices your Cosplay.
What's on today's ranking...?

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Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays of the characters you love! ...

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Trending characters

An appeal that crosses borders.
Who are today's trending characters?

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We're actively searching for Cosplayers
to help show C.G's appeal!
Let us use your picture in the image
to the left and on the help page!

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An SNS connecting Cosplayers worldwide.

A more genuine Cosplay experience.
Only C.G. can connect you to Cosplayers from around the globe.

Includes a "Heat Map" feature
Icon mapclickView the worldwide distribution of Cosplayers.
Try clicking the globe icon!

Country of Residence (Global) Region (Asia, Europe)
View worldwide rankings
Sort users, photos and page-views by
day, week, month and even location.

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